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Donald Leroy NORTHUP, (Herbert 13, William 12, Nathan 11, George 10, John 9, Benjamin 8, David 7, David 6, Stephen 5, Henry 4, Thomas 3, Thomas 2, Thomas 1).

Donald Leroy NORTHUP was Born September 13, 1923, Audubon, Iowa on the family farm., the son of Herbert William Northup and Florence Buckner.

He married Darlene Charlet, and they have 2 children, Daniel and Delores. They lived in Perry, Iowa for his whole married life, and his wife still lives there. Donald Leroy Northup's page is under construction. Please check back often for updates.

Donald Leroy Northup Family

Children of Donald Leroy Northup and Darlene Charlet

Delores Ann born 1951, Stuartville, MN
Daniel Allan Northup born 1956; Audubon, Iowa